Abrasion-Resistant Epoxy for Extreme Applications


  • 0% VOC
  • Ground-Shipped Via UPS® Only
  • 100% Solid Epoxy

The only epoxy paint reinforced with Kevlar™ microfibers and feldspar ceramic for an incredibly hard and tough product and enhanced abrasion resistance. It can be applied underwater too! There’s nothing else like it in the market. The product delivers extreme, high epoxy performance at an affordable price.

Kevlar™ microfiber-reinforced for chip resistance and loaded with feldspar ceramic for extreme toughness and mechanical properties. This water-tolerant epoxy will bond with wet or damp surfaces and can even be applied underwater. It is odorless, making it ideal for application in confined spaces. It can be used with a paint pad or brush at 15 mils without sagging (thinner, if roller-applied).

The product offers coverage of about 100 square feet per gallon when applied with a brush and about 150 square feet per 1.5 gallon kit with a roller. Almost all solvent-free epoxy paints have this sort of roller application coverage.

The epoxy forms a very hard surface for corrosion protection, ensuring outstanding wear and abrasion resistance even when applied under adverse conditions. It can also be applied underwater with some site-specific exceptions.

Because of some issues which are completely outside of our control, the user accepts full responsibility for all the risks of applying these epoxies. This epoxy has the thickness and texture of gray applesauce. 

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two cans of epoxy on red cloth
48 oz Kit
two tubs of epoxy set on a red cloth
1.5 Gallon Kit