Wet Dry 700™ Epoxy Ultimate Repair Epoxy Above and Below the Waterline

Need to fix, glue, patch, fill, bond, coat, or cover something (even underwater)? Need to reinforce or wrap corroded, damaged, or leaking pipes with epoxy and fiberglass cloth? Need to do a fiberglass cloth and epoxy repair with a non-sagging epoxy paste? How about sealing electrical connections in a glob of waterproof epoxy? Patching some wood rot? One of our customers repaired serious rot in a 100-year-old marine railway submerged under 12 feet of water.

Wet Dry 700™ has saved sinking boats and sunk boats. Read Escape From Hermit Island (available at Amazon.com.) The authors recommend you don’t leave your dock without this epoxy (see epoxyproducts.com/cs_boat.html).

It is also used on leaking pools and corroding barge-mounted floating homes. Welcome to the world of Wet Dry 700™ Epoxy. Wet Dry 700™ Epoxy paste is a leading example of consumer-driven, epoxy technology, resulting in a versatile, field-friendly repair product for difficult environments. Wet Dry 700™ is a solvent-free, high-performance epoxy reinforced with Kevlar™ pulp and feldspar ceramic.

It can be applied to wet, damp, or dry surfaces. Wet Dry 700™ looks a bit like a joint compound (drywall mud), or cake icing with a simple 1 to 1 mix ratio that you can eyeball. A scoop of Part A and an equal scoop of Part B and you are ready to go. This is one of our top-selling epoxies. People first buy it for a specific project and then generally buy more just to have it on hand. Order some today at epoxyusa.com or call us anytime!

The very latest generation of underwater epoxies, Wet Dry 700™ is a Kevlar™-filled underwater (or dry surface) epoxy paste. Thick, but workable at low temperatures. Use as a thick coating or repair paste, with or without fiberglass cloth. Easy 1 to 1 mix ratio. The color is off-white.

This product is about wall mud thick (joint compound) or cake icing. Wet Dry 700™ is reinforced with Kevlar™ microfibers and feldspar ceramic for an incredibly hard and tough product. Can be applied underwater too! It has saved lots of boats, leaking swimming pools, and sinking floating homes.

Works great to waterproof the electrical wire connections, bilge pump, outdoor speakers, etc. One regular customer owns a machine shop that uses it to attach abrasives to grinding wheels. This is one of our most unique and popular products and is used in endless applications. Clients reach for Wet Dry 700™ for dozens of patch and repair projects.

two buckets of epoxy on red cloth
Wet Dry 700 1 Gallon Kit
two buckets of epoxy
Wet / Dry 700 1 Quart Kit